Team building by Arrabona Racing Team (ART)

We held our first team buildig event. By an unusual idea, thanks to the Győrújbaráti Autóbontó Kft. (vehicle dismantler company) we could disassembly two whole car together. 

Before start, we’ve got the safety regulations. Because of the too many teamates we separated to three group, each with own leader, who cares about the others to do the work properly. At the first round, one of the groups operated with a lifted car inside the building. They task was to drain off all the liquids from the vehicle, all kind of oils, coolant water, fuel, etc. to got a dry car.

The other two group started to disassembly an old car outside. Firstly a door has been removed, than the seats, and by the time, other parts was palced beside the car.

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After one hour and a little break, the groups changed they working position, and continued the work on the other car.In the ART there was a few teammate, who didn’t know all of the car parts. It was a big help that we could work with those equipments and tools, what will be needed int the future. The dismantling went good, so as a last step we could cut off the roof from one of the disassemled car. The fast work is a proof to the team about working well together, what was the most important aim of this training. Beside it we would like to be a bit dirty, what will happen when we build our car. We can tell, this goal was accomplished, and we hope, the efficiency will be the same in the future. As one of my teammate said: „We felt ourselves here, like children in Disneyland”

At this way, we would like to say thanks to the Győrújbaráti Autóbontó Kft. to gave the opportunity, and the support for our program.

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2015 Formula Student Hungary              11. place
2015 Formula Student Czech Republic     5. place
2015 Formula Student Italy                     13. place

2014 Formula Student Russia                  1. place
2014 Formula Student Hungary             14. place